Acupuncture Success Stories

Acupuncture Success Stories

November 20, 2013 in CK Vets, Blenheim, Chatham, Ridgetown, Wallaceburg

Is acupuncture worth trying… Our answer is a resounding, “Yes!”

Lucky’s success story:

I’m 9 years old and my Mom and Gram were beside themselves as I was in pain and could not take painkillers. Nothing seemed to be working. Dr. J. (aka Dr. Karen Johnson) suggested acupuncture. You should have seen their faces! Anyway, they thought about it and my appointment was booked. For my 1st  session, I had a new cuddly acupuncture blanket (not saying I’m spoiled though ) and the 30 minutes went by quickly. Initially my treatments were weekly and because it’s working so well, I’m now on a maintenance plan of every 8 weeks. You can see in the photo that I actually find it relaxing. Without hesitating, I give acupuncture my paw of approval. And Mom & Gram? They are now true believers in the existence of “Qi” and they hope my story helps others. Thanks again, Dr. J.  –  Sincerely, Lucky, Nancy and Diane in Blenheim

Photo – Lucky relaxed and content with his acupuncture treatment

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Lanny’s success story:

I am so thankful to have met Dr. Karen Johnson.  Her loving and caring bedside manner is only surpassed by her brilliant therapeutic skills.  My golden retriever Lanny suffers with arthritis and has been receiving acupuncture treatments from Dr. Karen.  After only 3 visits I was thrilled with the improvement in Lanny’s mobility.  He has a renewed spring in his step and no longer takes pain medication.  Thank you Dr. Karen for the wonderful difference you have made!  – Sharon Roberts