Dr. Trevor’s rescue to Stratford

Dr. Trevor’s rescue to Stratford

November 3, 2015 in CK Vets, Blenheim, Chatham, Ridgetown, Wallaceburg

Please meet Isabella, a name used like many mothers do, only when she’s in trouble, but it’s Izzie to her friends.

From what I understand, Dr. Trevor found her when she was just a kitten, walking down the side of the road.  He scooped her up, and she became Blenheim Veterinary Hospital’s “Clinic Cat” for a few months.

Some of you may have met her, as I’m told she loved digging through, or getting into purses sitting on the counter.  When the decision was made to find her a permanent home, Vet Tech Barb called me, and forwarded pictures of an adorable nine month old, grey and peach coloured cat, with one of the longest tails that I’ve ever seen. (When she was younger, she used to drape her tail down the length of her back, and the twitching end lay between her ears as if it were just too much effort to carry it erect.)

Barb and her daughter Erica drove her up to Stratford, and had to stop in London to make sure she was still alive, as there wasn’t a peep out of her.

She’s like a baby; while the car’s moving, she sleeps.

Shes wonderful to travel with, and even joined the three of us for a week at a cottage in Sauble Falls. Upon our arrival, she laid claim to the top bunk bed, and instantly made herself at home.

When first getting her, I used to write Barb “The Izzie Chronicles” consisting of her numerous antics, just so she knew that she was o.k, and to offer up a smile for the day.  Other times I’ve threatened to “Purolate” her back to the clinic, but we’ve gotten older, she’s gotten smarter, and now she has me well trained.


Written by Janet Riehl