Jax the Conqueror

Jax the Conqueror

May 11, 2015 in CK Vets, Chatham, Ridgetown


Jax is a handsome cocker spaniel who is six and a half years old and was adopted by the Malott family in October 2012 from the Kent Branch of the O.S.P.C.A.  He has become a faithful companion, pet and family member to the entire Malott family, so when he woke up one December morning and wasn’t feeling well, the family brought him to the South Ridge Veterinary Clinic right away.

Jax was quite lethargic and did not have much of an appetite when he arrived at the clinic.  His gums were pale pink and he was jaundiced (which means his skin was a bit yellow in colour).  Within an hour his blood had been taken and analyzed in hospital and he was diagnosed with disease called Immune Mediated Hemolytic Anemia (IMHA).  This disease causes the immune system of the pet to identify their own red blood cells as rogue and destroy them at an alarming rate.  Within 24 hours a pet can go from having a normal red blood cell count, to being extremely anemic and in critical condition.   The odds of survival with IMHA are typically 50:50.

Jax’s red blood cell counts were quite low, but he began aggressive treatment right away which consisted of numerous medications, IV fluids, and most importantly a blood transfusion.  The CK Vet Team had developed a blood donor program years ago which meant that there was a bag of whole blood on hand and ready for use at the Chatham Kent Veterinary Hospital to help save Jax’s life.  Myah, a two year old Newfoundland dog from Wallaceburg was the donor dog whose blood saved a life that day.  After the transfusion was finished at 11 o’clock that evening Jax’s blood counts had risen 3 points already. 

Jax never looked back!  After continued medications, monitoring and several nights in the hospital Jax’s blood counts continued to climb and he was stable enough to make it home on Christmas day to be with his family.  The Malott family takes great care of Jax each and every day by giving numerous daily medications and bringing him back to the clinic routinely for re-check visits.  Their exemplary dedication and efforts have paid off, as Jax has truly conquered this scary disease.  His family couldn’t be happier to have him healthy and at home now.

To learn more about IMHA feel free to talk to your veterinarian or visit: http://www.veterinarypartner.com/Content.plx?P=A&S=0&C=0&A=1390

To learn more about the CK Vet Team’s Blood Donor program and how your dog could help save a life, please call us today or visit: http://www.ckvets.com/service/blood-donor-program/

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