Pain Management

Pain Management

Although pets may not show the same symptoms of pain as people do, such as whining or crying, we know that most animals suffer pain when they are sick, injured, or have had surgery. Providing whatever pain relief is appropriate is a humane and caring thing to do that reduces stress. We also know that the healing process is faster in the absence of pain. For these reasons, it is extremely important that our pets receive aggressive pain control.

Good pain control uses multiple types of medications, as well as local and general anesthesia. Our anesthetic and sedation services help our patients remain relaxed and comfortable during a procedure. Our staff provides follow-up pain management to ensure the animal is comfortable after surgery.

Important COVID-19 Update

In order to keep our community and team as safe as possible, we will be practicing “hands free” or “socially distanced” appointments.  Our hospital doors will be locked, when you contact us over the phone we will give you clear instructions on how to proceed for your appointment.  All food or medication pick ups will be done “curbside”.  Due to staff restrictions at this time local emergency care from midnight (12am)  till 8am is being referred to Walker Road Animal Hospital 519-972-9000 or London Regional Emergency Hospital at 519-432-3300.