Community Involvement

Autism Dog Services


Autism Dog Services (ADS) is an Ontario-based non-profit organization that trains and provides service dogs at no charge for Ontario children with autism.

Dr. Emily Durbin has been on the ADS board as official veterinarian since 2010. The birth of Dr. Durbin’s first son in 2010 ignited a desire to promote the natural bond that forms between kids and pets.

When puppies enter the program, they receive a full physical exam, vaccinations, parasite treatment, and any other necessary medical care. They are matched up with a puppy raiser and at 18 months graduate from the training program. All successful graduates are placed in a forever home with an autistic child. Maybe you’ve seen one around. Just look for the red vest with the ADS logo that identifies these heroic dogs!

Autistic children benefit from a properly trained service dog through increased safety, emotional support and comfort, improved confidence and socialization, and development of interpersonal skills. An autism service dog can also improve the child’s ability to participate in educational, social, and leisure activities. The powerful bond and consistent presence of a service dog reduces the stress associated with interacting with other people and getting involved in social situations.



Where would we be without the Ontario Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (OSPCA) to work within our community to prevent cruelty and provide care and shelter to thousands of animals each year? At CK Vets, we support the OSPCA by assisting with spay and neuter clinics; medical and surgical care for sick and injured pets; microchip clinics; and focused fundraising events throughout the year, including the Friends for Life Walk and Soiree for Strays events.

United Way of Chatham-Kent

Healthy, happy communities mean happier families, which in turn mean happier pets!

Dr. Emily Durbin is actively involved with the United Way of Chatham-Kent (UWOCK). In 2011, she served as campaign co-chair and is currently on the executive committee for the Women’s Leadership Council. Does this involvement run in the family? Look close—the poster child for the 2011 and 2014 campaigns is Dr. Durbin’s son!

Community Sports Teams

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