Nutritional Consultation

Good nutrition is as important for your pet as it is for you. Our bones, blood, skin, and organs work their best when we feed them what they need.

As part of the wellness care visit, we will assess the nutritional status, body weight, and activity level of your pet and offer full support and counseling on what to feed them.

We may advise high-quality commercial pet food or cooked diets that you may have to prepare yourself. It all depends on your pet’s breed, age, and health. We will work together to make an easy solution that benefits your pet’s overall health.

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Important COVID-19 Update

In order to keep our community and team as safe as possible, we will be practicing “hands free” or “socially distanced” appointments.  Our hospital doors will be locked, when you contact us over the phone we will give you clear instructions on how to proceed for your appointment.  All food or medication pick ups will be done “curbside”.  Due to staff restrictions at this time local emergency care from midnight (12am)  till 8am is being referred to Walker Road Animal Hospital 519-972-9000 or London Regional Emergency Hospital at 519-432-3300.