Events & Activities

OSPCA Microchip Clinic

January 23rd 2016

Would you like to have your pet microchipped?  The OSPCA Is holding a microchip clinic at the Chatham Kent Veterinary Hospital (332 Grand Ave East, Chatham) on January 23rd 2016 between the hours of 10am and 2pm.  The cost is $25 which goes directly to the OSPCA.  If you would like an appointment please call ahead 519-352-3630 to book. Space is limited. You can print  a form here and bring it with you so that we’re able to register the microchip. microchip registration form

A microchip is a computer chip that is the size of a grain of rice. It’s inserted via a needle under your pets skin between the shoulder blades. If your pet is ever lost, any veterinarian and most animal shelters can scan your pet with a “wand” that will pick up the number contained in the microchip. This number is unique to your pet, and when the number is called in, it’s linked to your phone number and address so that the person that has your pet is able to contact you to let you know. It’s a form of permanent identification that is very useful since collars and tags (while great) can fall off, be taken off or become lost.

Mud Creek Pet Memorial Trail


In the fall we host an annual tree-planting ceremony at Mud Creek in Chatham in memoriam of the beloved pets of Chatham-Kent that have passed. The Municipality of Chatham-Kent has generously donated the property at Mud Creek for this purpose.

We plant approximately 20 trees each year in memory of pets that have passed. There is a short ceremony that includes a reading of the pets’ names and a presentation of memorial certificates to the pets’ families. Each pet’s name is engraved on a marble stone and placed at the edge of Mud Creek Trail. View our facebook page for event images.

In the 14 years that CK Vets has been memorializing Chatham-Kent’s pets, there have been over 210 trees planted. Everyone is welcome to walk this trail to enjoy the trees and appreciate the love and memories of owners who have planted trees in memory of their special pets.

If you would like a pet remembered with a tree at the next ceremony, please contact CK Vets by September 1st to purchase a tree.


Soiree for Strays


In late November we host an annual dinner party to raise funds for the local OSPCA. This event has been held at Retro Suites in Chatham for the past 3 years and typically includes silent and live auction items. We use this time to celebrate the holiday season and enjoy spending time with our colleagues, clients and friends.

The funds raised go towards purchasing equipment to help the OSPCA continue making a huge difference in the lives of our community’s pets.

Contact one of our clinics to get more information or to purchase tickets.

Pets of CK Calendar


Every year we create a calendar that showcases the pets of Chatham-Kent, selected through a Facebook contest. Proceeds from these calendars go to a different charity or organization each year. Please contact one of our clinics to order calendars.

The 2015 calendar will be supporting the Maynard Avian Rehabilitation Centre, a non-profit group that helps several hundred birds return to the wild each year. Maynard works very hard to put wild birds back in the air, and with the help of CK Vets, public donations, and various fundraising events, they are able to do this. The birds that come to Maynard are sick, starving, orphaned, or injured, and in order to survive they require specialized medical care. Visit their website to make a donation or for more information.