First Aid Training

Sometimes life doesn’t go as planned, and pets get injured or have medical emergencies. Knowing what to do until your pet can get veterinary attention can be lifesaving! We offer our clients first aid classes, taught by our veterinarians, so pet owners can have the skills and an action plan to help their pet while seeking veterinary care.

Classes are offered based on demand. Please let us know if you are interested, and a seat will be saved for you for our upcoming class.


Reserve Seat 

First aid kits are available for purchase at our clinics.

Important COVID-19 Update

Currently at this time we are open, and we are still available to see our medical patients.  In order to keep our community and staff as safe as possible  however, we will be practicing "hands free" appointments. Our hospital doors will be locked, but we will have a team member meet you outside and bring your pet into the clinic and pet parents will be asked to standby for a phone consultation with the veterinarian.  We anticipate most appointments to take 30 minutes.  Please contact us for further information.