Reproductive Consultation

In addition to offering general information to owners with pregnant pets, we provide a complete range of reproductive services, including estrus synchronization, semen collection, and artificial insemination.

Using our ultrasound and radiology services, we offer pregnancy diagnosis and can count the number of puppies or kittens to expect.

We always hope that when your pet is delivering her pups or kittens, you won’t need to call the veterinarian, but complications could arise. C-sections are a surgical approach to quickly aid in the delivery of a litter. Typically these procedures are done on an emergency basis, but on occasion a scheduled C-section may occur.

If you have a mother who needs assistance with her delivery after hours, we offer 24-7 emergency care to our current clients who have not transferred their files to another hospital and whose pets are a patient of our hospitals that has been examined by one of our veterinarians in the past 36 months. Call 519-352-3630.

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Important COVID-19 Update

Currently at this time we are open, and we are still available to see our medical patients.  In order to keep our community and staff as safe as possible  however, we will be practicing "hands free" appointments. Our hospital doors will be locked, but we will have a team member meet you outside and bring your pet into the clinic and pet parents will be asked to standby for a phone consultation with the veterinarian.  We anticipate most appointments to take 30 minutes.  Please contact us for further information.