My Dental Story – Mugsy The Clinic Cat

My Dental Story – Mugsy The Clinic Cat

February 25, 2020 in CK Vets

Dental disease? I wasn’t sure what that was either until I HAD dental disease! My name is Mugsy, and I am the clinic cat at the South Ridge Veterinary Clinic in Ridgetown. I have been a resident here for a few years and I am here to tell you about how my dental surgery changed my life!

My typical day as a clinic cat includes eating, sleeping and socializing with all the clients who come to the clinic every day. One day my mouth really started to bother me. I became uncomfortable, and I did not want to be as playful and social as I usual was. My teeth were hurting and I started having trouble eating (which might I add – is my favourite part of my day!). Noticing these changes, my humans at the South Ridge Veterinary Clinic decided it was time for me to have some more dental work done. (Yep! This is the second time I’ve had dental work done as a kitty). My treatment involved a general anesthetic to have my teeth assessed and cleaned, then I had a few bad teeth removed.

I am so glad there was a solution to my mouth pain and bad breath. Dental disease is one of the most common medical conditions seen with cats and dogs. Since my dental cleaning and tooth extractions were done, I feel like a brand-new kitty! I feel like myself again! My dental work has made all the difference. I am able to eat, play and socialize – all because my mouth feels great again. As a senior kitty, it is normal that I had to lose most of my teeth. Sometimes the teeth causing the problem need to go, and I have learned how to adapt with fewer teeth in my mouth.

I like to tell my story to let people know the difference that my dental work has made for me. Without it, I don’t think I would be able to live such a fun, social life as a clinic kitty.

If you have questions about your cat or dog’s teeth, we recommend booking an appointment today with one of our Veterinarians to assess and discuss with you the best treatment plan for your pet’s oral health.