Ensure your pet will always find its way home! In the case that your pet gets lost, microchipping your dog or cat increases the likelihood of identifying them and then reuniting you with your pet when they are found.

The chip is not a transponder that emits a signal to track your pet. The chip provides a unique number that will allow for your pet to be identified.

The microchip device, which is approximately the size of a large grain of rice, is placed under the skin of dogs and cats. This is a quick and painless procedure that lasts the lifetime of your pet.

If your pet goes missing, call 1-866-597-2424 with your microchip identification number. You will be notified when your pet is located.

If you found a pet that does not have a collar tag, take the pet to one of our clinics. If they have a microchip, we will be able to identify the owners.

We offer this service in partnership with 24 Pet Watch Pet Protection Service. Visit their website for detailed information. www.24petwatch.com

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